Press Release: “Boots on the Ground Maui” Launches to Help Rebuild West Maui and Surrounding Neighborhoods

LAHAINA, HawaiiAug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kim & Kai McLaughlin, long-time residents of Maui, along with friends and business partners Derek & Ashley Hyman have announced the creation of “Boots on the Ground Maui”. In response to the recent tragedy of the Lahaina fires that destroyed historic Lahaina Town and surrounding neighborhoods, the organization will take action to help restore the community.

“Our mission is not just to provide temporary relief but to create a culture-changing solution that will transition the Aina from division and imbalance of home stability to a thriving, growing, sustainable, and affordable community,” said Kim McLaughlin.

By providing resources, support, and sustainable strategies, the organization seeks to empower individuals and families to regain stability and thrive within their community both in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, as well as through the eventual restoration and beyond.

“We are committed to doing everything possible to help rebuild Maui,” said Derek Hyman. This isn’t just about rebuilding structures; it’s about restoring hope and helping our neighbors move forward with future stability.”

To learn more about “Boots on the Ground Maui” and how you can get involved, please visit

About Boots On The Ground Maui:

Boots On The Ground Maui is a newly launched not for profit dedicated to sustainable rebuilding efforts in LahainaMaui following the devastating fires.

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Boots on the Ground Maui

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