Interview with Co-Founder Kim McLaughlin on BBC Breakfast

As many of you know, Boots on the Ground Maui was born out of the devastating fire that ravaged the historic old town of Lahaina. Our mission since then has grown from disaster relief to working to address Maui’s housing crisis with solution-oriented actions that will bring about a culture change and transform our Aina into a thriving, sustainable, and affordable community.

Recently, we had the honor of having our co-founder, Kim McLaughlin, share our story with the world during an interview on BBC Breakfast with host Jon Kay. Kim is a successful realtor from Maui who sprang into action in the hours and days following the fire. Her efforts to raise funds and deliver much-needed supplies to community members who lost everything were the seeds from which Boots on the Ground Maui grew.

In her interview, Kim shared the true magnitude of the devastation and how her grassroots relief operation has expanded rapidly over the last few days, thanks to the support and contributions of many passionate individuals. She emphasized that she was just one of many finding ways to help.
Throughout the interview, Kim’s dedication and commitment to the cause were evident. She spoke passionately about our work and the impact we aim to make on Maui’s housing crisis. Kim’s words served as a reminder of why we do what we do and the importance of our mission.

We are incredibly proud of Kim and grateful for her tireless efforts to help our community. We invite you to watch the interview and join us in our mission.


Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who has supported us in our journey so far. Your belief in our cause fuels our determination to make a difference. Together, we can ensure that every resident of Maui has a place they can call home.