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Welcome to Boots on the Ground Maui, where community engagement, impactful initiatives, and a love for the island converge. We are a passionate and driven team, led by the dynamic Ohana duo of Kim McLaughlin and Ashley & Derek Hyman. With a shared vision and a commitment to making a difference, we are thrilled to introduce you to the driving forces behind our not-for-profit organization.
  • Kim McLaughlin
  • Local Realtor & Community Builder
      • Kim Y. McLaughlin is a long time resident of Maui, Hawaii and a successful Realtor specializing in sales, vacation rentals and long term rental management. She can be found as a Buyer’s agent on the HGTV Show Hawaii Life!  The only Hawaii based real estate show to date.  She has dedicated her life to the service of others and has helped many families over the years accomplish their dreams of homeownership on Maui.
      • Kim has a passion for lifting people up and spent years feeding the homeless with her children as a way to both give to her community and also remain ever grateful for the blessings in her life.  Both of her children and herself have been written up in local news articles acknowledging their dedication to feeding the hungry for many years on West Maui.  Her organic path to success drives her desire to help others achieve their highest potential.  Which she believes starts with the ability to have stable housing and food.
      • Kim is an avid Spartan Athlete and competed in the 2022 World Championships, placing 10th in the world overall.
Kim Licata, Co-founder of Boots on the Ground Maui

The Hymans:

  • Ashley Hyman: Vice President of Customer Success and Beyond
    • Meet Ashley Hyman, the embodiment of dedication and customer-centricity. As the VP of Customer Success at Drata, an esteemed security and compliance automation tool, Ashley has showcased her exceptional leadership by cultivating a thriving team of 70 members within the first 2.5 years of the company’s inception. Her profound belief in creating unparalleled customer experiences and fostering behavior change to facilitate business growth has led her to remarkable achievements.
    • Beyond her role at Drata, Ashley is an accomplished individual with a Master’s in Public Health (Behavioral Science). Her impactful work in obesity prevention research, fitness, and public health education attests to her unwavering commitment to improving lives and communities.


  • Derek Hyman: Founder of Scalable Growth and Community Advocate
    • Meet Derek Hyman, the visionary force behind Scalable Growth, a bespoke digital marketing growth team. Derek’s fervor for designing digital growth strategies in the healthcare sector stems from his earnest desire to empower and support people on a larger scale. With an acute focus on user experience and community-centric solutions, Derek’s expertise is a cornerstone of our organization’s mission.
    • Like Ashley, Derek holds a Master’s in Public Health (Epidemiology), a testament to his holistic approach towards creating positive societal impact. His journey to Maui began in his childhood, as he fondly recalls annual visits starting in the early 90s. Years later, he brought his beloved wife Ashley to the island on their honeymoon in 2012, igniting a shared love for Maui’s beauty and the spirit of its people.


  • Our Island Connection: A Dream Fulfilled and a Partnership Born
    • Derek and Ashley’s enchantment with Maui flourished over the years, leading to their dream of owning a second home in the picturesque Napili region. This dream turned into reality in 2022, a moment that not only deepened their connection with the island but also marked the beginning of a remarkable friendship with Kimmie and Kai.


The Great Connection - Creating Community

The serendipitous meeting between these four laid the foundation for the remarkable journey of Boots on the Ground Maui. United by their shared passion for Maui’s community and a desire to effect positive change, this partnership embodies the spirit of collaboration and dedication that defines our organization.

Join Us on This Journey

At Boots on the Ground Maui, we believe in the power of unity, community, and making a lasting impact. With the Hymans at the helm, our not-for-profit organization is dedicated to creating a stronger, more vibrant Maui. Join us as we walk hand in hand with the island’s spirit, making a difference one step at a time.



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Together, let’s make Maui’s future as beautiful as its present

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